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Today I’d like to tell you all about Conscious Crafties.

It’s a bit difficult to explain all of what the organisation does – but essentially it’s a network of craftspeople who are chronically ill. is a sales platform – crafters have individual shops on the site – but more than this, it provides support and encouragement to ‘spoonies’ and their carers.  There’s a Facebook page liked by 6441 people (and counting).

(A brief word here about spoonies.  The term comes from Christine Miserandino’s spoon theory where she describes to a friend of hers what it feels like to live with her condition. Since they were in a restaurant at the time, she used a handful of spoons to explain how her energy level is steadily depleted by each task she faces during the day.)

Just in case you were wondering how I came to know these folk –  I have a shop on Conscious Crafties too.  This is because I have bipolar disorder and have suffered with depression since my teens.  I could write pages about that, but will save it for another post… or two.  I’ll add a link to my shop shortly, but if you’re interested in buying my broken china jewellery you can do it right here on – or you can head over to and buy there which will support the whole community.