Broken China Jewellery – Small Shard Necklace

£ 20.00

These modern necklaces make no pretence about what they’re made of – broken china!

Although some pieces may be ground into a specific shape, many are completely random according to how the china breaks.  In creating these pendants, I decided to use the characteristics of the broken china – you can expect to see scratches, chips (notice the pronounced chip on the reverse of one of these – I kept it because I liked it!) and curves, and printing on the back all of which are normal on vintage china.  I have tried to photograph them so that you can see as much detail as possible.

I smoothed the edges for comfort and to give them an attractive bezel at the front and then added a handmade sterling silver bail – I then threaded through a delicate sterling silver trace chain.

It’s hard to give a size because the shapes vary so much, but these are roughly sizes vary but are from roughly 1cm to 2.5cm.

The bail and 18″ delicate trace chain are both 925 sterling silver.

Please note that the main picture illustrates several pendants for comparison purposes – when ordering, you only get one! If you would like to choose which one, please check what is available before ordering and I’ll send you a photo of what we have in stock.