Roses Lozenge Shaped Ring

£ 40.00

This ring is both pretty and striking – the roses make it pretty and the size makes it striking. It’s a bold piece, the front measures about 15x20mm.

I made this ring with Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ china set into sterling silver. I begin by grinding the china into shape. Then I make a band from fine silver (it’s purer than sterling and also softer) wrapping it around the china to fit it closely before soldering the ends closed. The completed band is then soldered onto sheet silver and trimmed and filed to size. This forms the cup that the china will sit in.

Next I need to make the finger band – I generally use a strip of sterling silver sheet for this. I’m careful to check the size as I go so my customers get a good fit. Next I solder the finger band to the china setting and clean it up. The silver holds the china tightly in place, but I usually add a little glue to be on the safe side. The sides of the band are pushed firmly into place using an agate burnisher – this also shines up the sides before the whole thing gets a final polish up.

It takes a couple hours from start to finish.

Old Country Roses china was first made in 1962 and is one Royal Albert’s most popular ranges, especially in the United States. I love working with it because there are lots of areas to choose from. There is a wave in the china and this means that the surface of the jewellery sometimes gently curves – I feel that this is characteristic of the piece. Although Royal Albert Old Country Roses china is still being made, I work with old pieces and as such the occasional chip or scratch is to be expected and adds to the character of the jewelry.

I make this ring to order so just drop me a line with the size you need after purchase.

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