Spode Shanghai Butterfly Pendant

£ 40.00

Here’s a pretty pendant made from Spode Shanghai china.  In delicate shades of blue, pink and yellow it has a summery feel.  It measures 23mm in diameter, a little short of an inch.

To make the pendant, I begin with selecting the area of china I want to work with.  This is cut out using tile nippers and the edges shaped and smoothed using a diamond disc.  I then stretch a fine silver band around the china to gauge the size, then solder the ends together.  The circular band is soldered onto a piece of silver sheet and it is trimmed to size and smoothed and polished.  I add a jump ring and a bail and polish the silver up thoroughly.  Finally I add the china.  The silver is tight enough to hold the china but I usually add a dot of glue for extra security.  The top edges are filed and burnished.  After a final polish the pendant is ready.

The pendant is presented on a 16″ trace chain, although if you would prefer an 18″ chain, just drop me a line when you order.


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