Sterling Silver Personalised Photo Charm 16mm – Necklace, Portrait, Memento, Keepsake, Locket

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A modern take on the traditional locket, this photo charm is the perfect way to remember someone – it’s a way of holding someone special close to you.  It’s also a perfect gift – you can add loved ones or pets, whatever you like.  Or you can order several charms to create a family bracelet full of memories.

This unique custom made jewellery also makes an ideal keepsake in memory of someone you love.

I can use any photo, sepia, black and white or full colour – you simply need to send me the picture file and I will adjust it for you.  (It is possible to have more than one face in the shot, but these are much more difficult as the faces must be quite close together to come out well when reduced.)

My website offers a photo charm (which could aso be work as a small pendant) and a larger 25mm pendant – but I’m happy to make whatever you need.  If you have two children, how about a pair of cufflinks for their Dad?  Rings and earrings are also possible.  My examples are round, but you can order whatever shape you like – the price will vary with the size.

How is it made?  As with my broken china jewellery, I use a sterling silver bezel cup and solder on a jump ring.  The photo is placed inside and a glass cabochon (slightly domed piece of glass) is placed on top.  This results in a bright shine and also has the effect of slightly magnifying the picture.

This jewellery isn’t waterproof, but the odd splash shouldn’t matter as the silver is pushed tightly into place holding the glass securely.

Other relevant items are the 25mm photo pendant, the light bracelet (suitable for a single charm) and the heavy bracelet (suitable for several items).  If you order a bracelet and charm, I’ll be happy to attach the charm for you free of charge.

How to purchase…

  1. Add this item to your basket, check out and complete purchase.
  2. You will receive an order acknowledgement with a contact email address  (In the event of your not receiving the order acknowledgement please see my contact page for full details of how to reach me.)
  3. Please send the photo you would like to use to the email address provided in your order acknowledgement.
  4. Your photo can be colour, black and white or sepia, but it should be high quality.
  5. Unless you advise me otherwise, I will crop the photo and mark out a circle to include the head area.  I will email this to you for review.
  6. Once you have confirmed that you are happy with the cropped photo, your personalised photo charm will take two working days to make.
  7. If you have any special requests or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sterling Silver Personalised Photo Charm 16mm – necklace, portrait, memento, keepsake, locket, custom made jewellery

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