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How to Cut Circles from China

A big hello to Helmut who asked me how I cut the tiny circles from a china plate.

There’s two ways really.

  1. Some people use a drill with a Diamond Hole Saw Bitand a Diamond Coated Circular Drill Bit. I have bought the drill bits but haven’t used them yet.  I am concerned that the china glaze may chip but have yet to experiment.
  2. The method I use is to first cut out circles from masking tape.  I place a circle on the area I wish to isolate.  I use a Tile Nipper to break the plate.  The first breaks are a little unpredictable but with care and patience you can get very close to the final cirular shape.  Next, the edges need to be smoothed.  For this I use a Dremel Multitool with a Diamond Cutting Disc.

That’s about it.  I hope it helps.