Your privacy is important to us.  We may collect personal information when you carry out transactions with us on our website.  If we collect this information, we’ll tell you how the information will be used in relation to the product or service you have requested.

We only collect information that is relevant to providing our online services and only retain it for legitimate business purposes for as long as is permitted.  For example, we collect your address details in order to ship your order.  We may need to transfer your information to third parties in our supply chain that provide services to us, but do so on the understanding that they keep the information confidential and use it only for our agreed purposes.

Your information is protected by encryption whilst in transit across the internet.  You understand that if you choose to use standard email for communication with us, that this will not be protected in the same way, and we can offer no guarantees that it remains confidential whilst in transit.  Any email communication sent to us may be scanned for malicous content.

Processing information outside the UK

We may process your information outside the UK, due to the Cloud hosting of our website.  Our hosting provider is committed to internationally agreed privacy principles.  We use PayPal as an external service, through which we accept payment.  Please refer to the PayPal terms of service for further information.


We will not send your confidential information by email unless you have chosen to communicate with us by email.

Communication with our website over HTTPS is protected by an SSLv3 certificate signed with the SHA-2 algorithm.  The CA supports both CRL (certificate Revocation Lists) and OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) which your browser will use to determine if there is any reason not to trust the site


A cookie is information stored on your computer or device when you visit a website.  Cookies are used for a variety of purposes by web sites, for example to:

– Allow the website to function properly and to keep it secure

– Help us understand how people use the website and to improve it over time

– Facilitate use of use by remembering information you have entered

– Improve your experience by showing information most relevant to you

The site uses 3 cookies:

  1. A session cookie used to track the contents of your shopping cart
  2. A session cookie used for login to the site
  3. ?????

These cookies expire when you close your browser.

Our use of cookies is in compliance with the UK Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.  If you disable cookies you will not be able to login or use the shopping cart functionality in the site.

Applicable law

The site collects, stores and processes information in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and applicable EU regulations, including but not limted to the Data Protection Act 1998.